Player & Coach Testimonials

Below are some of the testimonials we have received from players and caoches who have taken part in our sessions 

"As a coach by doing the program I've picked up things that can help with my game" Brandon Barnes, Striker Head Coach 

"I think it was awesome. Integrating the strikers with the goalkeepers is massive because as a goalkeeper I serve to make the goalkeeper make a save. Where as the strikers serve to score" Keegan Coulter Goalkeeper Coach

" Its closer to a real game so better practice" Ringo Watanabe, Striker. 

"I've learnt lots of things over past 2 days that I wasnt thinking about before in my game" Peter Yang, Goalkeeper

"By having real goalkeepers in goal, I've learnt placement over power in shooting" Ben Geshev, Striker 

"I've really enjoyed it because goalkeeper coaches just throw it but strikers shoot and want to score. So it's like what it would be in a real game" Matthew White, Goalkeeper 11 years old

"By having the goalkeepers here I've learnt about goalkeepers position and to check that before I shoot" Halil Reci, Attacking Midfield

"It is more Realistic and you have to react to what the striker is going to do. Rather than knowing what is going to happen"  Leon Hoogendijk, Goalkeeper

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