Our 2nd Academy is on the Mornington Peninsula, the home of Head Coach Paul Harvey who is looking to develop top strikers and goalkeepers in his own backyard. 


Baxter Park

Mornington Peninsula


Term 4 - 8 weeks 

Mon Oct 7 - Mon Nov 25

5 pm to 6 pm 


Junior 11 to 16 years 

Max 6 players in each age group & position


$240 for 8 weeks

$35 for casual session

Game Realistic Sessions
Integrated Sessions
Improve Technique & Decision Making
60-minute training session 
Video Analysis 
Different Sessions Each Week 
Personalized Coaching


Players get over 50 shots/saves per session

Our sessions are based on Game Realistic Sessions in Final Third of the Pitch. 


We integrate Strikers and Goalkeepers

together in the session.



Our core focus is to improve players Technique and Decision Making.


Our sessions structure is

  • 15 minute technical warm up

  • 45 minute game realistic practice 


Each session is filmed on the Ipad and emailed to players with a 15 minute highlight package plus all the coaching points of the session. This allows the players to improve further 


Every week is a different training session focusing on various area's of the pitch by using Nine One Football's Unique Coaching Methodology.


Because of our small groups, this allows personalized coaching to the individual player.



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