Nine One Football Change of Direction

Back in 2017 the concept of Nine One Football was created by Paul Harvey to help deliver more realistic striker and goalkeeper training. To help execute the program, he approached Top NPL Striker Brandon Barnes to help develop the striker component. Fast forward 2 years and with over 100 players being trained by the pair, all good things must unfortunately come to an end and now Nine One Football is set for a change of direction.

Paul Harvey (Left) & Brandon Barnes from Nine One Football

Unfortunately, Brandon Barnes after an amazing 4 years in Australia is returning home to the UK and with Paul Harvey's new business Unrivalled Events taking up more of his time, the time is right to put the 'live' coaching aspect of NIne One Football on hiatus as Paul Harvey explained "With Brandon going back to the UK and my business becoming busier, it is time to put the Live Coaching on hold for the time being. Coaching with Brandon has been an absolute blast for the past 2 years and we have both learned so much more about both striking and goalkeeping than either of us could have imagined. The programme we have developed is amazing and probably ahead of its time as striker coaches are only just coming into the coaching scene. Not only is Brandon a top striker coach, but also a top bloke, with whom I've shared some quality banter with that has amused our students and I personally wish him every success with his future career overseas. It doesn't feel right to continue the Academy without him so for the time being it is going on a hiatus. We will see what the future holds. Personally would love clubs to take it on as I feel it would be of great benefit to them. Thanks to all the players that have come through the Academy we really have had a blast coaching you and hope you have developed and learned something about your position. "

The concept, sessions plans and footage that has been accumulated over the past 2 years though will not go to waste as 2 E-books have been produced that can be purchased on the website These ebooks will help coaches create realistic shooting drills in minutes with lost of full sessions plans included. The You Tube page will also still be updated with videos from Paul Harvey's coaching and any clubs that want to enquire about the Nine One Football program can do so by email

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