Nine One Football Coaching E-books Launched

One year after launching, Nine One Football has embarked on their next step to change the game in the final third of the pitch by launching a 'New' Digital Soccer Coaching Program of E-books.

Nine One Football Coaching Methodology E-book

Designed specifically for Soccer Coaches and Players, that focuses on getting results in the Final Third of the Pitch, it use's its unique training & game methodology that has proved so popular & effective in its Coaching Academies, as Author and Nine One Head Coach Paul Harvey said

"I'm excited and proud to launch our Coaching Methodology to the world. There are alot of excellent e-books and websites out there to get drills that coaches can copy for their sessions, but this is not what the Nine One Football Coaching E-books are about. I guess the easiest way to explain is, We are the 'Coerver' of the Final Third of the Pitch. We have a methodology that will allow coaches to plan game realistic training session's in literally minutes and then take those methods into the game with structured attacking plays. We have proven, last season in Australia, that is works and it is unlike anything else out there at the moment. Whoever purchase these e-books will have an edge over their competition. It is so exciting to coach and aswell as for players to take part in, as it's all Decision Making based. "

The E-books are aimed at Federations, Football Clubs & Technical Directors, Head or Assistant Coaches, Private Academies, Goalkeeper Coaches, Specialist Coaches, Attacking Players and Goalkeepers. So if you fall into these categories then ask yourself these nine questions.

  1. Struggling to score goals?

  2. Conceding or missing goals through poor decision making?

  3. Don't have s structure in the final third?

  4. Getting into the Final Third but not creating or converting goal scoring opportunities?

  5. Looking for more creative, realistic attacking practices and drills?

  6. Need a formula to create Session Plans in mins?

  7. Create match realistic sessions, rather than drills?

  8. Want to learn new coaching or playing skills?

  9. Want to increase your income?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, then the e-books can help you out.

The features of them are

Nine One Football 'Coaching Methodology' Ebook

  • Discover our Unique Training Methodology.

  • It will get you results in the Final Third.

  • Our Six Full Session Plans are created for Training in Small Groups

  • We show you how to design your session in just minutes!

  • Learn the secrets of the 2 most important positions on the pitch. Strikers & Goalkeepers as we take you Inside their Mind.

Nine One Football 'How to Create & Score Goals' Ebook

  • Using our Coaching Methodology we show you how to score & create more goals

  • Turn your team's fortunes around in weeks with our Patterns of Play session plans

  • Get the proof through our Case Study and Manchester City Analysis that our Methodology works and is the new way of scoring goals.

Nine One Football How to Create & Score Goals E-book

The Author of the e-books is Paul Harvey, 48, a former UK Semi Professional Goalkeeper in the UK and a FFA Qualified Level 1 Goalkeeper Coach in Australia coaching in the National Premier League and Head Coach at the Specialist Striker and Goalkeeper Nine One Football Academies. He has also been coaching strikers for the past 18 months alongside prolific NPL Striker Brandon Barnes who has scored 99 goals in 3 seasons of football.

For more information head to Nine One Football website or enquire to

About Nine One Football

Nine One Football are the Expert's’ when it comes to Striker & Goalkeeper Soccer Training.

We have developed the revolutionary Nine One Football Methodology which is both conducted by specialist qualified coaches and has Elite Academies, Group & Private Training and now via Coaching E-books to get Results in the Final Third.

Finally, a small sided game 3v3+GK has been created which has more touches, more goals, more saves.

Head Coach of Nine One Football is Paul Harvey who is FFA Level 1 Qualified Coach who specialises in coaching Goalkeepers and Strikers.

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