Nine One Launch Decision Making Video's

Nine One Football the Striker and Goalkeeper Specialist are launching a Series of Decision Making Video Guide's as a prelude to the launch of their Nine One Football Online Coaching Program.

The six week campaign will make both Strikers and Goalkeepers start to think more about the part of their game which is one of the hardest to master. That of Decision Making.

This is not the full decision making guide but a little snippet to make players think says Nine One Head Coach Paul Harvey "Alot of the players that come to us for specialised training want to improve their decision making in games and that is what all of our training sessions are based upon. We constantly ask questions like the one's in the Video Guides so the player is making the decision with guidance from the coach. We want players to question there decisions and why they did or didn't work and we hope these videos will help players around the word with this. You will also find out what your opponent is thinking and how you can counteract that. We give you an insight into being a striker and goalkeeper"

The Series will launch on Tuesday 21st August with a Striker '1st Time Finish' Guide which will then see on Thursday's that same topic repeated but from a Goalkeepers point of view. Each video will feature about 4 different questions to ask yourself when you are in that position.

The topics are

  1. 1st Time Finish

  2. One Touch and Finish

  3. 1 on 1 situations

  4. Shots from outside the box

  5. Crosses and Headers

  6. 6 yard box Poacher Goals

In October Nine One Football will celebrate their 1 year anniversary with the Launch of their 'subscription' Online Coaching Program which will provide session plans for strikers and goalkeepers and coaches that can be trained in isolation, small groups and team situations.

This will be ideal for goalkeeper coaches worldwide who can increase their income and make sessions more realistic.

You can register your interest here

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