Nine Reasons Strikers Fail to Score

Having been coaching with Nine One Football strikers, attackers and any player who has strike a goal over the past year, I have decided to put together a list of Nine Simple Reasons why you are failing to score goals.

There are alot more but below are Nine to start you thinking about your game or the team you coach

  1. Going for Power over Placement.

  2. Leaning too far back when shooting.

  3. Wrong body position when receiving the ball.

  4. Not Scanning to check goalkeepers position.

  5. Not anticipating the right area to be in to receive the pass.

  6. Over complicating things in your head.

  7. Not following up every strike for a rebound.

  8. Always taking the shot with the same foot.

  9. Not practising enough in pressured situations.

The final reason of not practising enough though for me is key.

If you are a player, how many shots at goal do you get a session? How much time a week do you practise shooting?

If you are a coach how much time do your strikers actually get to practise their specific position?

Lined up shooting drills from central areas just outside the box with no pressure, for me is not striker practice.

For the past 4 sessions I've been doing Specific Pressured Striker Drills at my senior club. We are already starting to see improvement in finishing, movement, structure & learning the intricate details of the position that unless you are specialist or former striker haven't been coached.

As I have indicated in previous blogs I separate my coaching into 2 distinct areas

  • Drills - Correcting technique, movement, accuracy and giving the striker confidence

  • Practice - Putting the strikers in pressured game situations with constant decision making

I just touched on specialist coaching and for me that is another key reason. I think there are probably a handful of us coaches who specialise in this position in the world and I have written a blog on this in the past. Initially I started my coaching life as Goalkeeper Coach but with my thirst for innovation I wanted to know what the strikers think and do so I now enjoy coaching both positions as to me they are so similar to each other. Even my striker coach who is one of the top Semi Pro Strikers in Australia Brandon Barnes is learning by coaching our Academy kids.

Both positions I coach are very complex, but the one big difference is Goalkeepers have to be nearly perfect all the time, strikers currently do not. Hopefully with the advent of this specialist coaching we can improve the current average success rate of 13% of shots to goals.

Nine One Football has created a specific Training Program aimed at the Final Third of the pitch which we will soon be releasing Online. This will contain a sessions plans, drills and practises for not only strikers and goalkeepers but the team as a whole, so if you want some more ideas of your training sessions then register your interest on our Football Help page

I hope if you are a striker or a coach that this has made you think a little bit and maybe change up your sessions or practice a little.

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