A Training Ground Game becomes new Small Sided Football Tournament! Introducing Nine One Football&#3

A Training Ground Game used by many top clubs, has been developed into a brand new Small Sided Football Tournament by Expert Goalscorer and Goalkeeper Company Nine One Football. It is called 3v3+GK and promises to be the most 11 a side realistic small sided game solely focused on the Final Third of the pitch with more Goals and Saves than any other game.

Nine One Football already run's Expert Specialised Training Sessions in Melbourne for Goalscorers and Goalkeepers but have now rolled out their Event Division with the launch of 3v3+GK which will help their mission to promote more attacking football in Australia as Experienced Event Manager and Nine One boss Paul Harvey said "I'm really excited by 3v3+GK as a Small Sided Game as we have tried to make it as realistic to traditional 11 a side as possible. All of the action is focused on the Final Third of the pitch, the most exciting part where Goals and Saves make games. 3v3 Soccer is huge in the US for Tournaments but they have no goalkeepers and small goals. Our game has Full Size Goals and Goalkeepers so to say the game is Fast Paced and Spectacular is an understatement. This game can obviously be played by anyone but what great practice it would be for your Front Three to improve their scoring and team chemistry! "

Nine One Football 3v3+GK

The Launch Tournament will be held in Melbourne in the July School Holidays and will be announced next Friday (18 May) but Tournaments will be staged by Nine One Football throughout the year especially in the off season and not only in Australia,the plan is to take this Tournament globally in 2019.

To find out more about the Rules and Benefits of Nine One Football's 3v3+GK go to the website where you can also register your interest in submitting a team.

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