Why David De Gea is now the Best Goalkeeper in the World !

David De Gea is widely recognised as the Best Goalkeeper in the World and rightly so, but what is really behind him being so good now. Well in this blog I will offer 2 reasons of probably many, which I add is just my opinion, on how in the past 2 years for me, he has now become the World's Best Goalkeeper.

David De Gea Manchester United Goalkeeper

De Gea joined Manchester United back in 2011 from Athletico Madrid and was heralded as the new Casillas by many. He performed well but as with young goalkeepers made mistakes and had a unique style. He had a couple of very well known goalkeeper coaches Eric Steele and Frank Hoeck who may have helped shape him partly but to me the turning point to greatness came when in July 2016 Manchester United appointed a new Goalkeeper Coach when Jose Mourinho was appointed Manager

1 - His Goalkeeper Coach - Emilio Alvarez (Blanco)

He was the GK Coach who oversaw De Gea's breakthrough at Athletico Madrid when nobody else rated him, they thought he was too skinny. Alvarez also allowed David's father Jose to watch training as he said 'Jose is his best coach'

To me this man has gone under the radar of other more high profile Goalkeeper Coaches out there and to be honest when you google him not alot does come up, but he must be considered to be up their with how he has fine tuned the Spaniard's game into being more consistent and match winning now.

He knows him so well and is a close family friend and in a rare interview outlined why De Gea struggled in his first couple of years at United "David was feeling alone and he wasn’t at his best in the first two years at United. He made some amazing saves, the odd brilliant match, but it was flashes of his potential. David showed his class but at Athletico he was brilliant almost every week."

You don't get to see much of his Goalkeeper Sessions online but I'm pretty sure that my next point is of high focus in his sessions.

2. Positioning - The best in the world

To me most goalkeepers move too much, maybe it's the cone 'drills' they do they they feel the need to move so much, but trust me less movement is best and that is what De Gea for me in the past 2 years has nailed on the head. Look at his saves now and look at his positioning and lack of movement to the side with his feet. He is near enough always on the correct angle and then his amazing reflexes and athleticism do the rest with those world class saves.

I did a blog on positioning a while back which really does work for me and my goalkeepers as a guide. It may not be every one's cup of tea but try it and then adapt depending on what defensive cover you have.

For me his style of goalkeeping and agility is unique and you shouldn't really be copying some of his techniques ie jump set, swinging arms etc for your goalkeeper as they will not work or as I say to my goalkeepers who say De Gea does this 'You are not De Gea though are you!" is my reply.

But do copy his positioning as to me there is nobody better in the game at this than him. I don't know but is that down to his Goalkeeper Coach Alavrez! I'm taking a punt on yes but not privileged to know the answer. Maybe David De Gea can answer this question for me.

So these are just two of the many reasons why David De Gea is considered by many to be the world's best goalkeeper. I would love to interview Alvarez or find out more about him and what his methods are. Maybe Manchester United will grant me an interview!!! Haha

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