How to care for your Goalkeeper Gloves playing on 3G Pitches

So one of my goalkeepers asked me the other day how to care for their Goalkeeper Gloves when playing on 3G/4G artificial pitches, which can really wear your gloves out quicker than normal, so I thought I would do a quick blog about it.

As with all goalkeeper gloves they need to be moist for the latex and just pouring water on them on match day will not do the job in making them last longer especially if you play on artificial pitches so here is a quick guide on what to do

1. Pre wash them the night before a game

That means put your gloves on, then give them a full wash in cool water, with no detergent. Then squeeze the excess water out.

2. Grab a towel and wrap the gloves individually in them

Place one glove on the towel and then wrap the towel over that glove followed by wrapping the other glove.

KA Goalkeeping Glove Care

3. Walk over the gloves while they are in the towel

Now stand on the gloves whilst in the towel to dry them a bit more which will also make the towel damp

4. Leave gloves in the towel overnight

There will be moisture in the towel and gloves still to keep your gloves in tip top condition for gameday

5. Put the towel in your kit bag

Very important you need your gloves to play!!!

6. Gloves should be damp

When you bring your gloves out of the towel they should be nice and moist all over now especially if you have latex front and back. This will help with grip, but will also help with the wear of artificial surfaces as the friction of dry latex on artificial will be eliminated.

Hope this helps preserve the life of your Goalkeeper Gloves.

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