Nine One Launch 2 on 1 Private Soccer Training in Melbourne

Nine One Football have launched a brand new Private Football Training Concept with the advent of 2 on 1 Coaching, where 1 goalscoring player & 1 goalkeeper receive Specialised Coaching from Nine One Head Coach Paul Harvey.

This is a great game realistic practice, but without the pressured situations, for outfield players who want to improve their goalscoring consistency and the also for the player standing in their way, the Goalkeeper to get practice of shot stopping against real goalscorers as Paul Harvey explains " The whole point of launching Nine One was for outfield players to improve their goalscoring as Australia is really lacking in consistent goalscorers and for goalkeepers to improve their shot stopping. We already have the small groups of 6 players per coach which is great for players to improve decision making under pressure, but now with launching the 2 on 1 Private Coaching we can really work on refining shooting and shot stopping technique and realistic movement and positioning in non pressured situations to increase players confidence. To me this is the next step up from a 1 on 1 Private Training which you can only work on technique. In terms of outfield players this really can be of benefit to any player that gets into goalscoring situations and needs to improve that area of their game. Hopefully then they will be more confident to do the small group sessions and face real game decision making."

Nine One Football now has three main coaching offerings to develop players depending on what they need to improve on. In all of these our main aim and core focus is improved shooting and shot stopping technique but each training offering has a another area of focus to improve on.

  • Small Group Training

  • ​Realistic Game Related Training

  • 6 players per 1 coach

  • Improved Decision Making in pressured situations plus realistic Game Movement & Positioning.

  • 2 on 1 Training ​

  • Focus on key Goalscoring Position Opportunities

  • 2 players per 1 multi skilled coach

  • Improve players basic Movement & Positioning in non pressured situation for more consistency

  • 1 on 1 Training

  • Improve Technique or Conditioning

  • 1 player to 1 coach

  • Learn all the correct technique's and when to use them or through drills increase your football conditioning.

2 on 1 Training is currently only available in Melbourne's South and East through NPL Qualified Nine One Head Coach Paul Harvey who is an expert in coaching both strikers and goalkeepers in the NPL But players don't need to be playing NPL, State League starts soon so this is a great opportunity for players to improve before and then when the season starts.

Players can either register as an individual and then Nine One will try to match them up with a player of similar age and ability in a location close by after school.

Or or a Goalscorer and Goalkeeper from same club or school can register and then be coached together. The cost for the 1 hour session is $50 per player and you can register here

For more enquiries check the website or call Paul on 0411 239496 or email

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