What Area of the Final Third Do Strikers Goals Come From? How this can help Coaches.

So what area of the final 1/3 of the pitch do strikers goals come from these days? Can you have a guess? Why is this important? Well in today's Striker Help Blog we will investigate these three questions and give you our opinion based on facts on the best 'All Round' Striker in the game.

What is the Final 1/3?

Firstly lets explain our methodology. What is the Final Third of the pitch split into, what one word type of striker is his main strength and what type of finishing is involved.

  • 0 - 6 yards - The Poacher - Normally a 1st time finish or rebound with side of foot

  • 6 - 12 yards - The Finisher - Again 1st time finishes or 1 touch goals with predominately side of the foot

  • 12 - 18 yards - Intelligent Striker - Creating his own space and composed finisher using 1st time 1 touch or multiple but under pressure using side of foot and laces

  • 18 + yards - The Power Striker - Uses power and accuracy from outside the box. Maybe a dribbler or just a 1st time strike with laces or side of foot.

  • Set Pieces (Free Kicks & Penalty) - Composed Striker - Takes responsibility for set pieces and is an expert at striking a stationary ball.

  • Headers - Arial Threat - In the right place in set pieces and aerial balls with his head.

What % of Goals in the Final 1/3?

So what area are most goals scored at Elite Level and what is this based on? Well we took data from top 8 strikers playing in the Top Leagues in Europe in 2016/17 to see what area was the most prolific so here is the league table

  1. 6 - 12 yards - 34% of goals

  2. 0 - 6 yards - 27% of goals

  3. 12 - 18 yards - 16% of goals

  4. Penalties - 15% of goals

  5. Headers - 10% of goals (Note these are also taken into account in the area of the penalty box aswell)

  6. 18 + yards - 7% of goals

  7. Free Kicks - 1% of goals

2016/17 Top 8 Strikers in Europe

Learning's for Coaches & Players?

Does this surprise you as a coach or player?

When you put on a striker session or as a striker when you are shooting, how many do you see doing shots from outside the 18 yard box, straight in the middle and taking a touch forward? Well from my experience in Australia through talking to strikers and seeing sessions myself alot of sessions like this.

So what as coaches or players should we be doing different? Well here a few tips if you want to start introducing specific striker sessions.

  1. Put aside 2 x 20 minute sessions a week for specific finishing sessions involving, the Front 3 strikers and attacking midfielders and others who are involved in striking the ball at the goal consistently

  2. Make it realistic to the game. Blasting shots front on from 6-12 yards is not the answer. Look at goals scored in those areas and replicate. Everything needs to be done at match speed.

  3. Don't use defenders at the start or if u do make it passive pressure as what you are trying to achieve is practice at hitting the target ideally corners and forcing the goalkeepers to make a save. Make sure you strikers are following EVERY shot. You want to install confidence in the striker to start with so when he is games with defenders he feels confident.

  4. Finally DON'T go for Power shots with laces at all in these sessions. If you see a striker shoot over the bar it is because of poor technique and decision making. Offer fun rewards to players who hit targets and forfeits for players who constantly hit shots over the bar or wide. Power can come later.

  5. There are many more tips that I can offer so get in touch with me if you want to look at a specific sessions

Who are the Top 8 Strikers and Who is the No.1 All Round Striker in the World based on the stats?

Click the link for the type of striker and a striker that based on the stats represents that striker type with a link to his goals from that season. This is not a oh he should not or he should be there contest its a data source exercise.

Tottenham Hotspur Striker Harry Kane

So just who is best 'ALL ROUND STRIKER' Well based on the stats and even by his form this year the best is Tottenham Hotspur and England Striker HARRY KANE

What makes up the all round striker?

  • His goals come from all areas of the Final Third.

  • More than 20% in the 3 zones of the Penalty Area.

  • Because he doesn't have a weak area it makes it hard for defenders as his movement and creating space for himself is unpredictable. He scores goals from dead ball situations and with his head.

Does this replicate to the Semi Pro / Amateur Game?

Only you as the coach will know this but it is easy to find out of it does. Keep a track of where your goals are being scored and adapt sessions to suit this or improve the key areas.

I hope this blog may encourage you to do more striker sessions or adapt the ones you do already. If you don't have a striker coach or want to know the reason why you should read this blog and get in touch with us for more information .

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