KA Goalkeeping Gloves to be imported by Nine One Football

Leading UK Independent Goalkeeper Glove brand, KA Goalkeeping is making a foray in the Australian Market with Nine One Football importing the glove brand in 2018.

KA Goalkeeping was founded by Ex Pro Goalkeeper of 20 years Kenny Arthur, who wanted a glove that offered quality and value. Since launch the KA brand has gone from strength to strength based on this model and has been used by Nine One Football boss Paul Harvey for the past 3 years.

"I like to give the independent's a go, so the past 4 years have been trying various smaller brands and I really like KA. Firstly they are great quality glove with several innovative elements, I like the glove design & colourways and most importantly they come in at a great price point. In today's current market you should only need to spend around $60-80 for a match standard glove rather than around $150 of the bigger brands and that is where KA deliver for me. So when I started Nine One it was clear importing a glove brand would be on the agenda and I'm delighted to be able to strike up an agreement with Kenny to bring KA to Australia."

GK Coach Paul Harvey wearing KA Gloves

The KA Gloves will be in stock in Australia for the end of January right in time for the new 2018 season. Cost of the gloves will be $70 delivered direct to your door so no need to travel to shops just order online here To start with the TCG and Roll models in Roll and Negative cut will be imported so make sure you get your order in quick.

"We are delighted to be in Australia now and the Nine One and KA Goalkeeping relationship is about helping build each others brands and getting more people into goalkeeping and already several innovative campaigns are in the pipeline" said Kenny Arthur

By subscribing to the Nine One Football Website you will be the 1st to get Exclusive Member offers and news and there is already a Free Gift waiting of the GK Manual e-book sampler of 20 key decisions and answers you have to make during a game that really will help a goalkeepers decision making.

Do you want your Sponsored KA Goalkeeping Athlete?

With KA Goalkeeping being new in Australia, the brand is looking to sponsor some top quality goalkeepers so if you are based in VIC & NSW, are playing in the NPL from Seniors down to 14's and active on social media, then fill out the form here and you could be a sponsored KA Goalkeeper.

To make an enquiry about KA Goalkeeping in Australia or specialised Goalkeeper Coaching then please contact Paul Harvey on 0411 239496 or paul@nineonefootball.com

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