Lloris Save v Hart Conceding Goal. The difference.

Analysis of EPL weekend 20/21 October 2017

Lloris v Liverpool save from Courtinho 1. Feet, one step past shoulder width for more stability. 2.Pulse steps 3.Hands low past knees. 4.Low sitting set. Allows for jumping spring & ability to get quickly to low balls. 5.To get the spring for a high ball he takes a negative step back into shoulder width stance and then powers off that foot 6.His arms are then used as momentum throwing them both up in air to palm ball away. 7.He uses top hand to deflect ball. 8.Turns his shoulder, attacking ball.

Hart 2nd goal conceded v Brighton

1.Sat 2 yards off line

2.Single pulse feet 3.Actually has a Shoulder Width Set when ball moving 4.Lower set but hands above knee & palms facing goal 5.Quick pulse of both feet, just before shot impact feet creep wider 6.Then launches from that A Frame position 7.Uses bottom hand to try & push ball over bar. 8.Trying to twist his body under to get momentum. 9.Turns top shoulder away from ball. 10.Ball hits hand but ends up in net.

Conclusion in this instance

  • A Frame set offered limited power for high dive

  • A Frame set back into Shoulder Width Set offered power for high dive

  • Top Hand worked better than bottom hand

Hugo Lloris

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