Interview with Brandon Barnes

Nine One Football Head Striker Coach Brandon Barnes has just completed something that will be hard to replicate. Going back to back scooping all three awards at the NPL (National Premier League Victoria) Gold Medal Night taking home the NPL2 Gold Medal, Players Player of the Year and Golden Boot. We caught up with Dandenong Thunder's top man to discuss the season and his involvement with Nine One Football.

Nine One: Congratulations for going back to back winning all three trophies on NPL Gold Medal Night. How does it feel?

BB: Thank you, I'm delighted to have won all three trophies again. It's a great feeling to be acknowledged by my fellow players.

Nine One: You have made a huge impact in NPL for Dandenong Thunder. Which do you think has been your best season and why?

BB: I would say this season as there was extra pressure on me to repeat what I achieved last year, and also because we were able to clinch promotion.

Nine One: Which of the awards give you most pleasure and why?

BB: Has to be players player, to be recognised as the best player in the league by opposing players means a lot.

Nine One: After narrowly missing out on Promotion, you managed it this year, winning the league after playing catch up. What was the turning point game for you when you thought it was possible?

BB: After coming so close last year, we didn't want to get carried away this year. So we just stayed focused until we had mathematically got the job done.

Nine One: What was the best goal you scored last year. Talk us through it?

BB: I would say the last minute winner against Whittlesea, I picked up the ball just outside the box with my back to goal, I took a touch to turn and hit it in the far corner with my weaker right foot.

Nine One: You will be playing in the NPL1 next season. Are you excited to be playing in the top league and what do you think the difference will be?

BB: I'm really looking forward to it and looking forward to the chance to test myself against better players. The biggest difference will be the tempo of the games and also the all round quality.

Nine One: There is currently a debate as to why there are no NPL players being signed by A League teams. Why do you think this is and what can you say to A League Coaches about signing up NPL players?

BB: I try not to get caught up in that sort of stuff, from what I've been told it's been a problem for a while. I personally think there are a lot of players playing NPL football that if given a chance would be able to step up.

Nine One: You are about to give back to strikers in Victoria by signing up as Head Striker Coach for the Nine One Football. Tell us why this appeals to you and why for you its important to have striker coaches?

BB: I'm looking forward to this opportunity and the chance to try and help these young strikers improve, with little bits of advice and by sharing things that I may have been taught. There is often a lack of striker specific coaches who work purely with the strikers on the smaller details. Personally I think having more striker specific coaches will only benefit the younger strikers around Victoria.

We then delved more into what has made Brandon Barnes a Top Striker in Victoria. He has scored 76 goals in 53 appearances at an average of 1.4 goals per game. A truly amazing stat.

Nine One: Where do most of goals come from?

BB: Inside the Penalty Box

Nine One: What do you think makes you the goalscorer you are today?

BB: Hard work and practice

Nine One: What's the best advice you have been given as striker?

BB: Staying confident after you miss. Be confident you will score next chance.

Nine One: What area of your game do you practice most in training as a striker?

BB: My movement and hitting a moving ball

Nine One: What advice do coaches give you most as a striker?

BB: Don't try to take the net off when shooting and place it in the corner

Nine One: Do you do specific striker drills?

Yes movement on and off the ball to get me in a shooting position

Nine One: What do you feel when you score. Emotionally?

Joy. There is no better feeling than seeing the ball hit the back of the net.

Nine One: Do you get nervous before a game?

BB: No.

Nine One: What is your signature move?

BB: Drop off the shoulder to off balance defenders

We will have three other Interviews with Brandon about the technical part of his game coming up over the next few months but this will be for Nine One Football Members Only so join up now for Free to get the tips of a top striker and develop your game.

Topics are

1. Inside Mind of a Striker

2. Shooting Tips

3. 1 v 1's & Movement

If you want to be coached live by Brandon then he has the Nine One Football Camp in Rowville on Oct 2/3 you can sign up here

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