INTERVIEW; The Truth about Football Strength & Conditioning

So a few weeks ago I ran a Poll on my Twitter Page in regards to S&C (Strength & Conditioning) as I've heard stories about clubs stopping extra practice, non position specific S&C plus Sarri's comments about weights. Question Clubs spending alot of money on strength & conditioning but is this taking over the session at the expense of fun, technique & extra practice Yes 44% No 34% One Fence 22% So obviously in the Coaching Industry there is some confusion, so I approached one of my followers Rob Hart a Coach at St Johnstone in Scotland and who has a Sports Science Degree who kindly answered some questions about Strength & Conditioning in Football. Hope this helps and makes you understand S&C

Decision Making. How much do you REALLY train it?

Decision Making in Football. It is the cause of most goalkeeper mistakes and striker misses, but how much of your training session during the week are you practicing or put in a game realistic training session? A survey on my twitter page that asked 'which area of your game was at fault or could you have done better on when conceding a goal' and they revealed these results Senior Goalkeepers 59% Decision Making 25% Positioning 6% Technique Junior Goalkeepers 62% Decision Making 25% Positioning 7% Technique This didn't surprise me and is why I created Nine One Football but it may surprise some coaches. Now if I did a survey of strikers it would probably be about the same result. Now ask yours

Strikers - Placement over Power. It's all in the head, not the foot.

Coaching Strikers over the past 18 months there is a common theme to my coaching points, that I want to address here and that is Placement over Power. It seems that alot of players these days want to hit the ball as hard as they can at goal, no matter of the finishing positions, but what we see in Australia and I'm sure the rest of the world, is balls knocking Koala's out of trees, as it sails over the bar. It was interesting the other night with my new group of students. We were practising 1st time finishing and educating them in using the pace of the pass and the players momentum to guide the ball into the net. It worked really well and majority of shots where starting to hit the target, b

Nine One Football Partner with Tactical Pad

Off the back of launching their Nine One Football Coaching E-books, Nine One Football are delighted to announce a partnership with the Worldwide #1 Session Planner and Match Analysis App Tactical Pad. One of the main selling points for coaches to purchase the Nine One Football Coaching Methodology E-book is the fact you can design session plans in minutes with the unique training methodology and to do that requires a great app to make the process even simpler and that is why the partnership with Tactical Pad makes so much sense to both parties as Nine One Head Coach Paul Harvey said "I've been using Tactical Pad for over 18 months now and with our Methodology it literally takes me a couple o

Nine One Football Coaching E-books Launched

One year after launching, Nine One Football has embarked on their next step to change the game in the final third of the pitch by launching a 'New' Digital Soccer Coaching Program of E-books. Designed specifically for Soccer Coaches and Players, that focuses on getting results in the Final Third of the Pitch, it use's its unique training & game methodology that has proved so popular & effective in its Coaching Academies, as Author and Nine One Head Coach Paul Harvey said "I'm excited and proud to launch our Coaching Methodology to the world. There are alot of excellent e-books and websites out there to get drills that coaches can copy for their sessions, but this is not what the Nine One Foo

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