Negative Step. Is it Negative for Goalkeepers?

Negative Step, for those that follow me @gkmanual and those who are coached by me, is a bit of a pet hate of mine, so I thought with the World Cup upon us and the eyes of the world on it and the mistakes that goalkeepers make, I would write a blog about it to explain my reasons why. I expect this may upset a few exponents of the Negative Step and that this is just my opinion backed up by some examples and facts. If you disagree please comment with the same and be constructive. Let’s do a little explanation and experiment. Put a ball down on floor say 4 steps from your body. Now let me explain a “power step” 1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart. 2. Now step with one foot away from your bo

Nine Reasons Strikers Fail to Score

Having been coaching with Nine One Football strikers, attackers and any player who has strike a goal over the past year, I have decided to put together a list of Nine Simple Reasons why you are failing to score goals. There are alot more but below are Nine to start you thinking about your game or the team you coach Going for Power over Placement. Leaning too far back when shooting. Wrong body position when receiving the ball. Not Scanning to check goalkeepers position. Not anticipating the right area to be in to receive the pass. Over complicating things in your head. Not following up every strike for a rebound. Always taking the shot with the same foot. Not practising enough in pressured si

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