Why David De Gea is now the Best Goalkeeper in the World !

David De Gea is widely recognised as the Best Goalkeeper in the World and rightly so, but what is really behind him being so good now. Well in this blog I will offer 2 reasons of probably many, which I add is just my opinion, on how in the past 2 years for me, he has now become the World's Best Goalkeeper. De Gea joined Manchester United back in 2011 from Athletico Madrid and was heralded as the new Casillas by many. He performed well but as with young goalkeepers made mistakes and had a unique style. He had a couple of very well known goalkeeper coaches Eric Steele and Frank Hoeck who may have helped shape him partly but to me the turning point to greatness came when in July 2016 Manchester

Learn how to be a Striker or Goalkeeper in Football with Nine One's new Development Classes

Have you just started or do you want to start playing football? Do you want to be in the glamour positions of Striker or Goalkeeper or do you just want to be able to shoot properly? Well Nine One Football have launched the perfect football training class for you. The Nine One Development Classes will start at the start of May at Rowville Secondary College and run for 4 weeks said Nine One Head Coach Paul Harvey "We really want to get alot more footballers into the crucial position of Striker or Goalkeeper. When I speak to clubs these are the positions hardest to fill and I think that is down to lack of specialist coaching in these areas. That is why Nine One was created and now we want to he

How to care for your Goalkeeper Gloves playing on 3G Pitches

So one of my goalkeepers asked me the other day how to care for their Goalkeeper Gloves when playing on 3G/4G artificial pitches, which can really wear your gloves out quicker than normal, so I thought I would do a quick blog about it. As with all goalkeeper gloves they need to be moist for the latex and just pouring water on them on match day will not do the job in making them last longer especially if you play on artificial pitches so here is a quick guide on what to do 1. Pre wash them the night before a game That means put your gloves on, then give them a full wash in cool water, with no detergent. Then squeeze the excess water out. 2. Grab a towel and wrap the gloves individually in the

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