Sign Up for Private Striker or Goalkeeper Training

With the Nine One Football group training sessions full for the rest of this term we have now launched our Private 1 on 1 Coaching sessions which are available for both Strikers and Goalkeepers in Melbourne to cope with demand. Private Soccer Training, especially in the off season, is designed to improve your core technique as it allows our coaches to work specifically on your weaknesses or tweak your existing technique. These days having good technique as a Striker or Goalkeeper will allow you to maximise your potential and help you come out on top with those fine lines in games. Sessions are 1 hour long and will contain some conditioning drills for fitness, but this time of year are mainly

Nine One Football Launch Web Design Business

With the Coaching Division of Nine One Football successfully launched the remaining division's of Nine One Football will be rolled out over the next few months. First to launch is the Website Design Business specifically targeted to Football Business. If you are a football club, agency, apparel, management company, academy, private coach then Nine One Football can build a website for you as Paul Harvey explained. "In today's marketplace you have to have an online presence to create new business and have a professional look. I've been building my own website for the past 9 years and now want to help other football related business develop their own identity." "We plan to offer a fast turnarou

Lloris Save v Hart Conceding Goal. The difference.

Analysis of EPL weekend 20/21 October 2017 Lloris v Liverpool save from Courtinho 1. Feet, one step past shoulder width for more stability. 2.Pulse steps 3.Hands low past knees. 4.Low sitting set. Allows for jumping spring & ability to get quickly to low balls. 5.To get the spring for a high ball he takes a negative step back into shoulder width stance and then powers off that foot 6.His arms are then used as momentum throwing them both up in air to palm ball away. 7.He uses top hand to deflect ball. 8.Turns his shoulder, attacking ball. Hart 2nd goal conceded v Brighton 1.Sat 2 yards off line 2.Single pulse feet 3.Actually has a Shoulder Width Set when ball moving 4.Lower set bu

Goalkeeper Coaches. Don't be a Drill Instructor. Bounce!

So as a Goalkeeper Coach I'm guilty, I used to be a bit of a drill instructor 'Yes' 'Right' Left' basically telling my goalkeeper when and where to move. You probably are one or have one as a coach now, But now I have seen the light and want to share with you some tweaks to try in your coaching. The blog will feature tips on my My Session Planning Terminology Service Click through to my Goalkeeper Manual blog here if you want to read more

Nine One Football Head Coach Paul Harvey joins Kingston City

Nine One Football Head Coach & Head of Goalkeeping, Paul Harvey has moved to the top level of Victorian Football, Playstation Victorian National Premier League side Kingston City. Here is the release put out by the club Kingston City are pleased to announce the arrival of Goalkeeper Coach Paul Harvey who will become The senior Goalkeeping coach for the 2018 season after the departure of Long term GK coach Lou Kastner. Paul a former Semi Pro Goalkeeper in the UK comes after spending 4 seasons at Box Hill United. “I’m delighted to be joining Kingston City and the new challenge of setting up the goalkeeping program at the club. A big pull for me coming over was opportunity to be working with

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