Interview with Brandon Barnes

Nine One Football Head Striker Coach Brandon Barnes has just completed something that will be hard to replicate. Going back to back scooping all three awards at the NPL (National Premier League Victoria) Gold Medal Night taking home the NPL2 Gold Medal, Players Player of the Year and Golden Boot. We caught up with Dandenong Thunder's top man to discuss the season and his involvement with Nine One Football. Nine One: Congratulations for going back to back winning all three trophies on NPL Gold Medal Night. How does it feel? BB: Thank you, I'm delighted to have won all three trophies again. It's a great feeling to be acknowledged by my fellow players. Nine One: You have made a huge impact in N

Where are the Football Striker Coaches

The Two most important positions on the football pitch for me are Strikers, they score the goals that win the game and Goalkeepers, they save the goals that wins the game. So why is it that there are Goalkeeper Coaches and Academies but not Striker Coaches and Academies? Specialist Football (Soccer) Coaching is not new. I had my first Goalkeeper Coach back in the Early 90's and since then that position has led to permanent, Specialist, Goalkeeper Coaches and formation of Goalkeeper Academies around the world. But like I have just mentioned what about the Strikers? Who is coaching & developing them? Yes of course the Head Coach and Assistants will touch on development of this position but why

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