Pitch Dimensions


  • Pitch is 44 yards (40m) wide x 30 yards (27m) deep  

  • Each Team has 12 yard defensive penalty zone 

  • There is the Neutral 6 yard zone in the middle

  • The Goalkeeper can only handle the ball in the 6 yard box. 




  • Players 12 years and over - 7.32m x 2.44m (Full Size Goal) 

  • Players 8 to 11 years -  4.5m x 1.8m (Small Sided Goal) 




Size 4 ball for 11 years & under - Size 5 ball for 12 years +  


Entry Fee

$150 for a Standard Team Entry.

Special Events may see a different entry fee.


Game Duration


9 minute game with 1 minute half time at 5 minutes.


Age Groups 


Depending on Entries there will be up to 4 Categories at Tournaments

  • Sub Junior - 8 years to 11 years

  • Juniors - 12 years to 15 years

  • Youth - 16 - 19 years

  • Adult - 20 years + 

Boys & Girls will have separate Tournaments if enough interest. 

There must be a minimum of 4 Teams to run an Age Category. 


Tournament Duration


Is dependent on number of pitches, age categories & entries but will be between 3 to 6 hours




Champions League Type Format 

  • 2 x 4 Groups of 4 Teams

Guarantee's minimum of 3 games

Then a Final with Group Winners

Tiebreakers in a Group are

1) Goal Difference 2) Goals Scored 3) Goals Conceded      4) Head to Head Result


Other Formats will be created dependent on number of teams entered


Group Points


Winning Team = 3 points 

Draw = 1 point 

Loss = 0 points


Play Off Games Tied


If Play Off games are tied then the Nine One Challenge will decide the winner

1 player from each team will perform the 9 Drills in 90 seconds with the Team with the most goals declared the winner


Team Squads


Each Team submitted can have up to 5 players and must include 1 x Goalkeeper


Red Card


Players will be given a warning for disobedience or constant or dangerous fouling.

A Red Card may be given which means suspension for rest of game PLUS next game. 

Tournament Director may eject a player for rest of Tournament




In a Standard Tournament the Prizes will be 

  • Winners - Trophy

  • Runners Up - Certificates 

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Normal FIFA Rules apply to the game apart from the amendments below


Ball Out of Play 


  • The team that kicked the ball out of play loses possession.

  • If the goalkeeper parries the ball then the attacking team retains possession starting with their goalkeeper. 

  • The game is restarted with the ball in the opposition  goalkeeper's hands.

  • No corners, throws or Goal kicks. 


The 5 Second Rule 


  • The Defending team must have 1 player in the Neutral Zone within 5 seconds of ball going out of play. 

  • The Goalkeeper must release the ball in 5 seconds of picking up the spare ball. 




  • No offsides in the game.




  • Are permitted when the ball goes out of play and by getting the referee's attention. 

  • Players must enter and exit through the Neutral Zone. 




  • Taken from normal 12 yard penalty spot.

  • All other players must be positioned in the other half.

  • Ball is live if comes back of goalkeeper and post.  


Free Kicks


  • All fouls committed outside the Penalty Area are In-Direct

  • Opposition must stand 5 yards away from kicker. 




  • An outfield player can score from anywhere but their own defensive half. 

  • Goalkeeper cannot score. 




  • There is 1 referee for the game 




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